Does Your Client Have a 100 Year Business Plan?

"Celebrating my 27th year as a New York Life agent, I tell my clients that I love my job. We have all heard and know what TGIF means, but I want my clients and my community to know TGIM (Thank God it's Monday). I cannot wait to get to work on Monday.

What does my passion for my career have to do with a business succession plan? Everything! A career is a sign of commitment, and for my clients to have a 100-year plan for their businesses, they need will an agent who provides stability, confidence, wisdom and professionalism. I have the resources and products available to me to help my clients turn their goals and objectives into tangible business plans." READ MORE

They Finally Had Peace of Mind

"My father-in-law trusted me to take over the business he had built from the ground up. But he wouldn’t listen when I suggested he needed life insurance."

Greg Basso recalls the long conversations he and his wife, Noreen, had with her dad, the owner of a small recycling company. "He really wanted us to keep the firm running after he was gone. He was terribly afraid we would be forced to sell it just to pay the estate taxes." READ MORE

Case Study: A Life Philosophy of Giving

"Agent Rick Paulsen of Stockton, California recently helped a client, a professional athlete whose charitable activities are central to his life, convert a $5 million term life insurance policy to permanent insurance.

About four years ago, Rick's client purchased $10 million in permanent coverage and $5 million in term. The $10 million was intended for estate planning needs, and the $5 million would provide life insurance protection for his family and enable him to support a variety of charitable giving programs after he passed on." READ MORE