Rick's Ten Steps to Success

Step 1
Plan your work, work your plan.
Step 2
Be consistent.
Step 3
You must have a contagious positive attitude!!!!!!
Step 4
You must have a burning desire to be successful.
Step 5
You must set overachieving goals.
Step 6
You must be professional.
Step 7
People you call on will be the people you sell.
Step 8
Become a sponge to success.
Step 9
Have fun!!!
Step 10
Be a good person! Always treat others as you would like to be treated!

Rick's Power of Ten (10 Productive Things to Do Before 10 AM)

Review your “Victory Every Day!”
Review local and national current events.
Have a personal “Board of Directors Meeting” in the mirror!
Review your phone script (Do not wing it!).
Make your warm-up calls.
Review Age Change, Term Conversion and Quarterly Policy Anniversaries.
Make 10 calls to create opportunities to make $$$$.
Say hello, compliment or show respect to your staff, or anybody that helps you with your business.
Take 10 seconds to relax and meditate on what you have accomplished this morning!