Pillars of Our Practice

Victory Every Way

At Paulsen, we provide life insurance and financial solutions, but our real mission is the betterment of people and communities. We believe we have a duty to provide value beyond your bank account, and at the end of the day, we want to cultivate the success and prosperity of our families, clients, and community in whatever way we can. Insurance may be our primary expertise, but it’s not the only way we drive you to victory. 

A Resource for the Rest

At Paulsen, our motto is “Whatever you need help with, we do.” We specialize in insurance, but we often become a go-to resource for many of our clients’ needs. We strive to help clients become better organized, prepared, and successful in their day-to-day lives however we can, whether that’s by sharing our 10 Steps to Success or connecting you with a trusted expert to provide a service that’s outside of our wheelhouse. We want to do whatever we can to equip you for victory—so whatever you need, we’ll help you find it.

Education Focused

Our clients are high-achievers and leaders, and they recognize that they have complex financial needs. We trust our clients to make wise decisions, and they trust us to educate them so they can do so. When you’re planning for the future of your family and legacy, you don’t leave that to chance. That’s why the first step with our clients is to educate you about your potential risks, opportunities, and options to prepare. We know that insurance is complicated, and we want you to feel confident that you can make the right choice for your needs. Whenever you have a question or need more information about your plan, we’ll be right there to show you the way.

Passion for People

We’ll say it again—at the end of the day, our focus is people. We care about the individuals we work with, and it shows—most of our team has been with us for 30 years or more (even the one’s we’re not related to!), and our clients trust us with the responsibility of their families’ and friends’ futures. By serving our community, devoting our time to mentoring, and pouring into the lives of our clients both personally and professionally, we strive to create a better world in everything we do. We believe that by spreading positivity and enthusiasm, we can drive people to a brighter future, and that is our greatest vision for victory.